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Cultivate your land and earn income

Today we are writing this post to give you details about another different service that can be obtained from our company.


🍁 Are you the owner of more than 10 acres of land ❓❓

🍁 There is land but there is no one to cultivate it? Can’t get an income❓❓

🍁 Thinking of buying a land for investment but don’t have any idea how to get income from that cost❓❓

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You can get answers to your questions from union access holding pvt ltd


What is the solution to this πŸ€”πŸ€”β“β“

β­• If you are the owner of more than 10 acres of land or you are looking to buy and cultivate land, you can get the service through our company.
Through our agency, you can get income from your empty land that does not get income.
That means,

β­• If you are the owner of a land, you can cultivate that land and provide income.

β­• If you are thinking of buying land and getting income,
You can find a land in the way you need and develop that land in a way that generates income.

In more detail,

There are several parts of that land development

1. Estate management

2. Estate development.

3. Coconut cultivation and development

4. Inter crop cultivation

5. Lead development

6. Dairy development

7. Project report / Estimate / Audit

8. Finding a land for cultivation

So, if you are interested in this matter, contact our company for details.

070 66 88 201 nethu

Visit our website.

the office
Union access holdings pvt ltd
Hanhamuna junction
Puththalam road,

β­•β­•β­• union access holdings pvt ltd, which comes to you with reliable and valuable service, is a government registered company.

Pantry cupboards

Pantry cupboards are a way of bringing a special finish and space to a kitchen.
So here is another service that you can get from us from our company today.
All the pantry cupboard designs you need
β­• Clading board
β­• Eco borad
This work is done using any raw material including.
Obtain an excellent finish on time from a government registered agency.
Contact for more information.
070 66 88 201
070 66 88 181
Union access holdings pvt ltd
Hanhamuna Junction,
Kurunegala .

Make the modern home design you want.

Lay the foundation to make your dream home a reality.
Make the modern home design you want.
Come to Union access holdings pvt ltd.
Make the way to your dream according to your mind.
Our Services,
β­• Housing design
β­• 3D design
β­• Estimation
β­• Housing construction
β­• Gardening
All services including
By agreement
By a government registered institution
Make your home dream come true.
Come on
Union access holdings pvt ltd
Hanhamuna Junction,
Kurunegala .
Call him
070 66 88 201
070 66 88 181

A new look to the old house


Building a new home is hard work these days.
If you can renovate an old house, reduce the cost of land and design your own house.
Renovate your old home by giving it a new look.
Our Services,
Inspect the old house and make plans for the new house.
β­• 3D design
At very reasonable prices. Fulfill your requirements responsibly, contractually and through a government registered agency

Come on

Union access holdings pvt ltd
Hanhamuna Junction,
Kurunegala .

070 66 88 201
070 66 88 181

cabana desings


Even if there is a land with a beautiful location if you have the desire to make a strange creation to suit it, wouldn’t you come up with an idea ??
Want to create something unique that you have nowhere else in Sri Lanka?
Come and join us then.
Design your hotel, restaurant while preserving the naturalness of your land.
Our Services
>Hotel design (including 2D and 3D design)
>Construction of buildings
>Construction of cabana
>Design of swimming pools
You can get all the services your hotel needs from us, including
Union access holding pvt ltd
Hanhamuna Junction,
070 66 88 201
070 66 88 181

Email- [email protected]