A service from us to your hotel dream

For those around Kurunegala who like new things to think in a new way….
If you have a land with a beautiful location, but you want to make a strange design to match it, don’t you come up with an idea??
Do you want to create your own unique design that is not found anywhere in Sri Lanka?
🍁🍁 A simple low cost cabana design.
This is estimated to be around 20 lakhs these days
(Here this price will depend on your requirement or more).


🍀 Bedroom
🍀 Bathroom
🍀 A small sitting area is included.
🍀 Entire cabana only titanium

🍀 You can complete a complete cabana at this price.

Come then join us.
Create your hotel and restaurant while preserving the naturalness of your land.
Our services
⭕ Hotel design (including 2D and 3D design)
⭕ Construction of buildings
⭕ Cabana construction
⭕ Swimming pool design
⭕ Garden decoration
⭕ interlock designs
⭕ Location design for photography
⭕ outdoor wedding area design
You can get all the services you need for your hotel from us.
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