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Get A Luxurious Finish For Your Bathroom.

Want to finish a bathroom in a different way and save money??

🔷 Finish the bathroom in your home, hotel, business place in a different way

🔵 Union access holdings pvt ltd is coming to you with different designs.

Our company, a government registered company, has been in the construction and design industry for many years.

In your bathroom,

⭕ Titaniumizing the bathroom
⭕ Installation of all bathroom fittings
⭕ Design of water and waste water system
⭕ Waterproofing

You can get all the services from us.

(And you can also finish the bathroom with tiles if you want.)

🔹 Your project will be managed by a friendly team with good experience

Your tasks can be done contractually and within a fixed period

🔵 For details

Call 📞

070 66 88 201 Nethu

070 66 88 198 Taruka

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